Our Commitment to Quality

At Heritage Angus Farms, we take pride in caring for our cattle and producing safe, ethical Black Angus beef products. It’s a commitment to quality that guides our farm day in and day out—and one that you and your family can rely upon.

We exclusively raise Black Angus cattle which allows us to deliver exceptional beef products to our customers every time. Black Angus beef is renowned for its quality, flavor and marbling—and from steaks to snacks, it’s a difference you’ll taste in all of our products.

The Black Angus pedigrees of our animals are verified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and we sell only U.S. Choice or U.S. Prime cuts of beef. Browse our selection or contact us to learn more.

What Sets Us Apart

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    Unmatched Quality & Taste

    We've earned a USDA label for our Black Angus beef—and you'll find that the quality and flavor of our products are second to none.

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    Superior Animal Care

    We grow our own feed & partner with an animal nutritionist to ensure our Black Angus cattle are fed a balanced and healthy ration.

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    More Sustainable Farming

    We prioritize ethical farming practices, and we pride ourselves in our excellent stewardship of our land, soil health and water quality.

Family Owned & Operated

Founded in 2016, Heritage Angus Farms is a first-generation Black Angus cattle farm based in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, that was born out of a desire to teach our children where their food comes from. Since then, our small business has grown and we now proudly serve customers across the Midwest and throughout the country. 

Our passion for animals and our unique expertise in veterinary medicine help us keep ethics and sustainability top of mind while delivering the highest quality Black Angus beef products—from our family farm to your family table.