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Welcome to Heritage Angus Farms

We’re Pat Hillman and Dr. Christina Mattson—and we welcome you to Heritage Angus Farms! While our family farm was officially founded in 2016, our journey to this point has been years in the making.

How It All Began

As a veterinary student nearly a decade ago, Christina became interested in cattle farming and was excited about what she saw other farmers doing. With a passion for animals but no farming experience, she did what any dream chaser would: she jumped right in.

Pat, on the other hand, is a lifelong entrepreneur who brings decades of business experience to our partnership. And although he’s not a trained farmer either, his unique perspective and ability to think outside the box is an invaluable asset to our family farm. 

Together, we’ve melded our talents to create a true farm-to-table operation offering super-premium beef products.

We’re proud to represent a new generation of farmers who:

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    Are excellent stewards of our land, soil health, and water quality

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    Prioritize the health and well-being of our Black Angus cattle

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    Grow our own feed

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    Partner with an animal nutritionist and other experts to ensure our cattle are fed a balanced and healthy ration that produces more flavorful beef for your family

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    Maintain high ethical standards that allow us to farm responsibly and sustainably

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    Deliver an exceptional farm-to-table customer experience with each and every order

What We Value

Our core values of caring, integrity and hard work keep us grounded and ensure ethically-raised Black Angus cattle remain at the heart of what we do. By providing humane living conditions for our animals, delivering custom nutrition plans that meet their needs, and prioritizing advanced health protocols, we create superior, better tasting beef products for our customers. Visit our online store and taste the difference for yourself!